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Doc Wellness Supplement™

As we age, your HGH levels drop and in short, this is why we age. When hormones are in balance, signs and symptoms of aging — weight gain, sagging skin, poor memory — slow down, stop or even reverse. You have so much more you want to accomplish in your life.  Now you can by using this best-selling, all-natural formula.  

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Talk with THE Expert

Having treated 1000s of patients for over 29 years, David has created a unique and personal style to assist you with your issues, whatever they are.  If you are tired of feeling sick and getting no help, you have found the right person.   Call TODAY to set up your appointment to speak directly with the expert Dr. David Orman.  

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Dr. Orman’s Wellness School

A private membership group. Dr. Orman presents lessons in video and written form regarding a variety of topics on nutrition, herbs,  exercise along with other interesting modalities found in Natural Medicine.  You will have opportunities to interact directly with your Instructor, Dr. David Orman. He will be happy to address all of your questions too.

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Doc-Wellness-Supplement™ Creator

This HGH Releaser that began the Health Revolution, continues as the worldwide leader. Here is the Expert who created it.

I am Dr. David Ormanan Expert in the field of Alternative and Natural Medicine and the creator of this best-selling Natural Growth Hormone-releaser. 

In my 30 years in  Natural Medicine, I have treated 1000s of struggling patients – men and women, 8 to 88,  from all over the globe. People wanting the best alternative medicine care including nutritional help, herbal therapy, slowing of the aging process etc.,  sought me out.

Why? I am easy to get along with, work in an informal manner and find unique, creative and effective solutions to your health issues. Mostly because I get results consistently, even with the tough cases.

Over the time I have worked in Natural medicine, the same issues started to show up – low energy, weight issues, sleep problems. Since I could not treat everyone individually, I created the solution: Doc Wellness HGH releasing Supplement™.

Go ahead and start with this quiz:

Do you experience 2 or more of the following?:

    • Low energy
    • Poor Sleep Patterns
    • Weight Gain
    • Inability to Lose Weight
    • Age Spots
    • Wrinkles or Sagging Skin
    • Bone Weakness or Osteoporosis 
    • Thinning Hair
    • Poor Memory

If you answered YES to 2 or more,  you need this formula!


Dr. Orman created HGH supplement considered best

Lectured to Congress

Featured in The Washingtonian Magazine

Taught at major Colleges and Universities

My philosophy is “I treat people, not disease.”


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HGH Supplement. You asked for it. I Made It.

You told me you wanted a safe, all natural, anti-aging formula. So I developed this one to meet your needs. You trusted me with this request, the way you trusted me with your health for decades.

Now you have it. . . . Doc Wellness HGH Supplement™