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My name is Dr. David Ormanand I am the creator of your anti aging formula, Dr. Orman’s Doc Wellness supplement™. It is a safe, completely natural product, easy to use and has been shown to be 3 times MORE effective compared to similar products.

Having treated literally 1000s of patients over the past 25 years, I have been able to apply my years of experience into creating this powerful formula so it is easy, effective and convenient for you to use now.

Along with your Doc Wellness supplement™, you have access to the latest wellness information for creating better health, a better physique and achieving health goals you desire. With so much conflicting information about eating healthy, exercising and supplements, making the right choices can be difficult for anyone. I am an expert in the field of Natural Medicine and will help You make the best choices for your overall health and wellness. Take the first step now.

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  • Why This Formula

Doc Wellness supplement™ is not a hormone, nor does it contain any hormones at all. The safe, all-natural and effective ingredients stimulate your own pituitary which helps your body release human growth hormone. In the process, it also helps strengthen your pituitary gland.


How do you know this? Doc Wellness supplement™ based on clinical trials, has been shown to increase the release of human growth hormone levels by an average of 70% over 48 days. Powerful, safe, effective

When the body receives a hormone from an outside source (even a natural source), the gland responsible for its production has a tendency to slow down, stop or even atrophy. This is extremely concerning.


Dr. Orman’s Doc Wellness supplement™ is the ONLY formula that works with your system, allowing your own body to produce optimal levels. This formula does not rely on unhealthy mega dose amino acids or ingredients such as GABA (lower IQ) or Macuna (raises estrogen). Only precise, natural and safe ingredients are used.

It is clear By Now, that I am a people-oriented person. I am truthful as well as expert in this area, and want to have a truthful relationship with you, our customer. You deserve this.

At a time when we have so many ways of connecting, many feel disconnected. Not here, and not with me. Anytime you want to ask a question or have a concern, please let me know and I will make time for you. I have helped so many people over time and will undoubtedly have the answers that you have been looking for.


I want you to achieve your dreams too.


Life is better that way.