2 Most Common Causes of Neck Pain (You Will Never Guess #2)

According to the American Chiropractic Association, chronic neck pain affects some 42.3 million Americans and accounts for over $600 million in health care expenses.The causes of neck pain are numerous. However, we will focus on the most common and one relatively unknown cause that is very common. Common Causes and Treatments:

1. The most common cause is due to traumas which then becomes associated with inflammation. Inflammation is the prime cause of pain and according to some researchers as Dr. B. Sears, aging. Treatment. For chronic neck  pain due to trauma, the prime treatment by far is pharmaceutical grade fish oil.

2. A second cause is digestive ailments, primarily associated with the small intestine. One energy pathway branch associated with the small intestines travels directly up the neck (muscle) region. When digestive problems involving malabsorption occur, the entire pathway gets disrupted, including the neck region. The end result is usually a throbbing, sharp pain. Treatment: For chronic and acute pain relief, the herb Pueraria is the best. (It should be noted that Pueraria is also considered the ideal herb for the treatment of addictions.)

3. Finally, a little-known but common cause of neck pain is bacterial infection – streptococcus bacteria – commonly known as strep. That is the same bacteria that causes “strep throat.” When severe, sharp or stabbing neck pain comes on suddenly WITHOUT A KNOWN REASON, it is commonly a strep infection.

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