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Salt and Chicken: Not the Best Mix

Water. Salt. Chicken.

These are 3 common substances consumed by many. Each in its own right is considered healthy, albeit it moderation. Add the trio together. . . now we have a problem.

The practice of “altering” food has become an all too common practice. From the outright cruelty of adding cement to cattle to the less harsh but costly non-less practice of pumping up chicken with salt water is taking billions of dollars out of American’s pocket in a most unethical way.

If you purchase a chicken, you may find that 15-20% of its weight is water! Often, your 7 pound chicken contains around 5 pounds of actual meat. Aside from the ethics, people are consuming significant amounts of salt. For many, this is an extremely unhealthy act.

An interesting article ( points out the growing threat of salt toxicity.

Such practices need to be stopped. The more these practices are exposed, the greater likelihood for change.

And greater health!

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