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The Tao of Eating or How To Lose 20 Pounds



South Beach (which really is the same as Atkins for 2 weeks and then switches to the Zone)

4 Hour Body diet.

And about 150 others. You know them and you may have used them. Still the battle rages on.

About 3 months ago, I committed to getting into the best shape possible. I was training for another marathon as well as training in 2 martial arts, fencing and coming up on my 48th birthday. (Confession time. It was NOT in that order.)

I was well aware of the above but like any good individualist, following “the party line” – the common diets – would not be my way. Our chemistry, energy and overall genetics are so unique, to think that one size will fit everyone is pure delusion.

After 3 months, I have lost 20 pounds and lowered  my body fat to 13.9%. . . and dropping. I did not follow a diet at all. In fact, I simply did the following:

  • Ate what I wanted, when I wanted to eat.
  • Ate slowly, much more slowly than usual.
  • Focused on the spleen.
  • Continued to train hard as usual, but make a small adjustment with weights.
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