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Suffering from Tinnitus

Tinnitus is the continual feeling of “ringing in the ears.” An annoying, somewhat painful problem that can result from a number of issues including exposure to a sudden, loud noise. Tinnitus has many causes and very few management options.

Recent clinical trials have shown promise for one of the mos vital nutrients in the body — CoQ10.

A 16 week human clinical trial evaluated the effects of CoQ10 levels on patients with tinnitus and revealed the following:

“For chronic suffers of tinnitus, a near-100% correlation was found; this is nearly 100% of those with tinnitus has LOW levels of CoQ10.”

Thus raising blood levels of CoQ10 may help alleviate this problem.

Doc’s Thoughts: In addition to raising levels of CoQ10 which I think is very important for a number of health reasons, I found that acupuncture was also effective for alleviation of the symptoms of tinnitus. I treated quite a number of people via acupuncture and with this method alone, symptoms were significantly reduced. I did not use CoQ10 in conjunction at the time. It would have been interesting to see this combination though.

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