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Too Much of a Good Thing: Vitamin D

Vitamin D. It is all over the news and has been for at least a year now. You know it can be very helpful. People with higher Vitamin D blood levels have lower risks of degenerative disease. They have lower incidences of hypertension. It is helpful for belly fat loss. But can too much be a problem?

The short answer is a resounding YES. A bold type warning was issued by the American Heart Association stating that Vitamin D blood levels that exceed 100 ng/mL is dangerous. In fact, there have been significantly higher risks of atrial fibrillation when Vitamin D levels are this high.

Normal levels should be in the 81-100 ng/mL range. Obviously levels below this are considered low, particularly if a person is in the 20 ng/mL range.

The safest way to address the matter is via blood tests. It is simple and relatively inexpensive, and valuable to 2 reasons at least:

1. The obvious. The test of course, will identify your Vitamin D blood level and based upon this, you can adjust your protocol.

2. Since you are able to adjust your Vitamin D intake exactly, you will not waste money by taking too much, or using inferior products that are not working. You will know exactly.

Vitamin D is an excellent substances with tremendous benefits if used properly. It is those last 3 words of the sentence that are so very important.

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