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Fasting and Tumor Growth

An article published in Science Translational Medicine shows that the discovery of a reduction in the growth of cancerous tumors can be reduced by fasting. Even if a person chooses chemotherapy, fasting helped reduced the size. Of course, it worked well without chemotherapy as well.

Researched found that the key was to reduce glucose levels which sensitized cancer cells to treatment.

This simple method has much potential.

Doc’s Thoughts: Fasting has been an effective therapy for many things, from the aforementioned to systemic detoxification and much in between. The key is this question, “Who should pursue a fasting program?” The answer is those who have an “excess” constitution; that is, those who are large, lot of energy, sweat a great deal etc. ¬†Contrast that with someone who has little energy or ambition, is 120 pounds and a weak voice. The former would benefit greatly while the latter would suffer.

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