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Autumn Health: How to Get it and Keep It Strong

It was our usual hot, humid summer of activity, movement and wellness. We consumed more water than a fish and now, finally, FINALLY, the weather has broken and Fall is nearly upon us.

Just as the trees, plants and other aspects of Nature change, so too must our bodies adjust to this new season. How we treat ourselves now will dictate how we feel in the Winter in particular. The colds or flu people get and attribute it to “it was going around” or “it is the ‘flu season’” is almost always a result of improper preparation in Autumn.

The organs associated with this time of year are the Lungs and the Large Intestine. The lungs are responsible for many functions. In addition to the obvious respiratory actions, the lungs are responsible for:

Extracting the Qi or energy from the air. The spleen extracts it from food and together, it comprises our energy system.

Lungs control the blood vessels and aid the heart in circulating the blood.

The regulate water passages, directing fluids down to the bladder and kidneys.

Lungs control skin and hair. Have issues with either, many times by treating the lungs it can resolve said issues.

Traditionally, the lungs are the administrators responsible for orderly and lawful conduct. When such is lacking, anti-social behavior is the end result. (It makes one wonder if people did not smoke, what impact it would have on society?)

There are many ways of addressing the lungs. In terms of foods, supplements an exercise, the most valuable. . . . . .to be continued next week.

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