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45 Minutes to Strengthen Your Brain

Lace up your running shoes. Put on your clothes to go to the gym. Get the bike off the rack and on the road.

Do these. . . with another person. Research has shown that enjoying some physical activity with others reduces anxiety and makes a person more intelligent in the process. Scientists from New York’s Sage College noted that 45 minutes of physical activity with a buddy helps the brain function more efficiently, improves memory and creativity and elevates overall mood.

Special note: Walk, run or play in the grass too. Exposure to a common soil bacterium called mycobacterium bacae helps to “clear” the brain so to speak; that is, inhaling it improves serotonin, improves cognition and enhances learning capacities.

Doc’s Thoughts: Movement is medicine. I have used this topic and title for many, many lectures because it is so true. Either good, very good or great results come about from virtually any type of movement. In a prior article, I wrote about “Sitting becoming the new smoking.” This is the “pro” side for movement. As you can see by the aforementioned, not only does it help every system (as well as weight loss), it is exceptional for the brain and for the overall emotional well being of an individual.

Find a buddy and get moving!

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