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Better Eat with Less Heat

A brand new body of research is providing information about the value of food preparation. How one prepares food may be as important as what type(s) of food is being consumed. When you grill, fry or broil food, the high temperatures produce a class of toxins calld AGEs or advanced glycation end products. They AGEs are associated with neurological diseases such as ALzheimer’s and other health problems including obesity, diabetes and various inflammation-related problems.

Here is the problem. AGEs are tasty and they smell great for many people, expecially the scent of charring. It is also the least healthy method of preparation. Anything that produces a crust or crispy border is likely to contain AGEs. This then, leads to plaque formation seen in cardiovascular disease.

So, what to do?

Research is very clear that eating raw or steamed foods are the very best. Aside from tasting great, these methods help retain the original nutrients contained in the foods.

When a choice is presented, think:

  1. Fresh (raw)
  2. Steamed
  3. Stewed

. . . in this order.

Avoid fried foods in particular.

Learn to cook with moisture via steaming, stewing or poaching versus dry heat. Careful not to overcook either.


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