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Release Fat and Improve Endurance

Looking for a way to both reduce fat levels and increase endurance? This Doc Wellness Blog has the answer for you.

Carnitine and caffeine. . . .

Carnitine is a small molecule that is involved in building muscle, particularly skeletal muscle. The greater the size of the muslce, the greater the use of fat for energy both during exercise and while you are resting.

Caffeine, as many people know, promotes the release of fat from fat cells and is also used for energy. Mix them together and you have the “perfect storm” for both enhancing endurance and promoting fat loss.

Scientists also agree. Studies have shown that taking this duet boosts endurance by increasing the release of fat into the bloodstream which is used as energy for the muscles.

Taking 1 gram of L-carnitine or A-C-L along with 200mg of caffeine about an hour prior to exercise will work.

Doc’s Thoughts: Any Master Herbalist such as myself, knows that the greatest formulas have ingredients that work in concert with each other. Each has a specific purpose and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Though not an herbal formula of course, the above is a similar example. The 2 taken together work synergistically, producing a greater benefit. I have used this and it works very well, particularly for endurance sports.

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