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The Little Weight Lie

When you choose a formula or a product to help you burn fat and lose weight, do not worry so much about “spiking” the metabolism. It is just hype.

Current (and past) research shows that products that are heavily loaded with stimulants do not work. They have very little effect on fat loss whatsoever.

In addition, the journal Appetite says they could very well do exactly the opposite. Researchers gave test subjects a stimulant supplement or a placebo, and then allowed them to eat whatever they wanted. However. . . . here is where it gets interesting. . . .each subject in fact, had a placebo.

Those who thought they had taken a genuine appetite stimulant ate more!

Doc’s Thoughts: I have been saying for years now that there are very few substances on the market that work and these must be used according to the person’s chemistry. The one size fits all is non-sense. In addition, many of these stimulants will weaken the adrenals and negatively affect the heart in the process.

The only way to determine which substances (ones like cinnamon, chromium or CLA etc) should be used, when they should be used and by whom is to have a program personalized for the individual. I am an expert at this. (Call for an appointment if you are serious about fat loss. Only if you are serious. Time to too valuable.)

Take action and get a personalized program. Avoid the late night or “health” magazine ads for quick fixes. They never work.

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