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Unique Mixture Aids Fat Loss

Who would have thought THIS combination would lead to steady and safe weight loss. I will give you 20 guessed and it is unlikely you would have thought of this one. Take 30 even.

This combination of nutritional supplements can prolong a strong, fast metabolism and give your waist a desired reduction. Mixing with . . . . this is the part you would never guess. . . . . . . wine, actually helps.

Allow me to explain.

It is not often scientists take the same approach to research as those celebrating a birthday or perhaps holiday. Nevertheless, a group from the prestigious University of Masstricht noted that if you want to lose fat, you need a unique combination of supplements, mixed with wine.


After studying patients of different weights and states of fitness, the researchers found that mixing EGCC (the active ingredient found in green tea) with Resveratrol (a well known anti aging supplement) and Grape Seed Extract resulted in an average fat loss of 3.4kg over 6 weeks. Without exercise.

If you needed more in the way of surprises. . . . IT ONLY works when you add a glass of red wine, 3 glasses per week.

Doc’s Thoughts: Of the mountains of research I read on a weekly basis, this is the oddest. I have never hear, read or experienced anything like this.


“If you needed more in the way of surprises. . . . IT ONLY works when you add a glass of red wine, 3 glasses per week.”


I understand the 3 supplement combination but am at a loss for the needed three glasses of wine per week.

I suspect that you can substitute 3 glasses of grape juice if so desired. In our era of obesity, any and all help is needed. Hard to argue with a 7.5 pound fat loss result.


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