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Making the Most of the 4th of July

America has a birthday coming up on Friday, July 4th. It is typically a day filled with celebration, laughter and joy.

And food.

To make the most out of, consider following this DO or DON’T List: Watermelon. DO.  – This fruit is exceptional, filled with trace minerals as well as some of the B vitamins. In Chinese medicine, it is used to treat “Summer heat;” that is, it is used to counter excessive heat and dehydration. Soda. DON”T . . . with a couple of exceptions. – If most people reduced soda intake by 90%,obesity would be reduced by 50-75%. . The reason of course, is the high sugar content. It contributes to fat accumulation, ruins dental enamel and weakens the spleen (and thus, digestion). If you wish to add soda, consider Sprite or Ginger Ale. Though no one would call them “healthy,” they are generally considered the least “offensive.”

“Follow these simple guidelines and the words HEALTHY and FUN can fit into the same sentence.”

Corn on the Cob. Probably NO. . . . . unless. – This one pains me to say NO for one reason and one reason alone. Unfortunately most corn is GMO based. GMO has a history of many health problems. (Go to my blog to read about the dangers of GMO). IF you can find non-GMO corn, go for it! Add butter. Aside from being tasty, butter contains healthy fats and combined with the corn, will balance and regulate appetite, reduce weight and improve the function of the small intestine. Chips. DO. – This one will probably surprise you. I would not recommend consuming them on a regular (or large) basis, once in a while, particularly when it is hot, consuming chips can be fine for you. Again, look for smaller brands, ones that are non-GMO and whole grain based, can help fine for your system. The salt (ideally sea salt) would help with the hydration/heat issues in July. Hot Dogs. NO. NO and NO! – Hot dogs are high in saturated fats, cholesterol, and worst of all, preservatives. Most hot dogs contain n nitrates, which combat botulism and preserve the food’s freshness and shelf life. These nitrites have an association with an increased risk of cancer. Hot dogs, in particular, raise the risk of cancer nine times in children who consumed more than 12 hot dogs a month, according to a longitudinal study published in the journal “Cancer Causes & Control.” Hamburgers. YES, especially . . .  – Use grass fed beef and you can enjoy hamburgers. Load them with veggies like onions, lettuce, tomatoes etc. Better yet, use organic Buffalo. Just as tasty and even more health. This meat dramatically improves energy and enhances muscularity. Buffalo is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. July 4th is a great day to enjoy with family and friends. Make a couple of minor adjustments above, and you can add Health and Enjoyment in the same sentence. My very best to you.

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