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“Fixing” the Spleen Will Aid Fat Loss

Here are the major ways that improving the function of the spleen will aid in fat loss:

Virtually all exercise will help the Spleen provided it is balanced by stretching and relaxation. In other words, be sure to make it balanced.

When eating, do nothing but eat. . .concentrating and enjoying the meal itself. Don’t eat and work or watch TV etc. This leads to a weakening of the spleen and poor digestion.

Consume foods that are yellow, brown or golden in color, especially. Examples would be yellow squash, miso soup, tofu etc. Yellow is considered the color for strengthening the spleen.

Reduce sugar and dairy. Excess sugar and dairy products will weaken the spleen quicker than anything. A little is fine but volume and frequency are big keys here.

Excessive consumption of cold foods will damage or weaken the spleen. This includes a lot of raw foods too.

Excessive consumption of calories in general will especially weaken the spleen. Ever notice how so many people get sick after the holidays? One of the major reasons is that tremendous amounts of food, particularly poor quality food(s) are consumed which greatly weaken the spleen. The spleen is one of the major organs involved with immunity. The stronger the spleen, the stronger the immune system will be. And vice-versa.

Too much fluid with a meal. Your Spleen does not like too much fluid with a meal. A little warm fluid is helpful, but too much dilutes your Spleen’s action and weakens digestion.

If you have been engaged in this type of eating pattern, you may notice typical signs and symptoms associated with a weakness of the spleen. They include:


  • Bloating or fatigue after eating;
  • Abdominal pains or discomfort
  • Poor energy and an overall feeling of heaviness. The spleen is a major organ associated with energy production.
  • Poor memory and muddled thoughts
  • Poor OR excessive appetite, though poor appetite is more common
  • Digestive disturbances
  • Weak sense of taste
  • Food sensitivities or food allergies


“Rebuilding” the spleen in terms of improving its function is an 8-12 week process typically. A person must be committed to avoid the aforementioned foods and focusing on a healthy diet, regular eating times (the spleen loves regular eating patterns such as breakfast at 8, lunch at noon and dinner at 6 with little to no variations) and exercise. Herbs or herbal formulas such as Doc Wellness supplement, Hyssop, Codonopsis or Hawthorne. Digestive enzymes with each meal is a must. Also, whole spleen extract can be of great value.

Be consistent and over a 2 or 3 month period, the results can be dramatic!




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