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7 Ways to Sleep Yourself Fitter

Sleep and weight loss has been making the news quite a bit over the past 2 years. Though it is not as simple as it sounds, sleep is a major factor in not only weight loss but more so, over all fitness. Here are some ways that you can sleep yourself fitter, so to speak:

1. 30 minute cat nap is enough to revive low energy levels, no matter what time of the day it is.

2. Adding zinc a half hour prior to bed can ensure sufficient muscle repair on days that you have been very active. Also zinc is considered THE mineral for immunity and for the health of the prostate.

3. Consider purchasing foods such as tuna, that is packed in sunflower oils. Vitamin E combats memory troubles caused by sleep deprivation.

4. The risk of becoming obese increases by 33% for every hour’s difference between how much sleep you get on the weekend and weekdays.

5. Tyrosine, which is an amino acid found in fish, eggs and nuts reduce fatigue and helps with decision making.

6. Rather than obsessing over “Did I get my 8 hours of sleep. . . .,”aim for multiples of 90 minutes. This time represents your sleep cycles. Waking at the end of one means you will feel rested.

7. Using red LED lights on an alarm clock versus red improves sleep. Sleep is one of the major pillars to great wellness and overall health.

Along with diet, exercise, nutritional supplement regimen and a passion for life, sleep is the “thread” that ties them all together. If you are struggling with this or any other health issue, call for an appointment or one of our wellness services. Get back on track and live the life you always wanted! — Dr. David Orman, Doc Wellness supplement creator ** If you like this article, please be so kind as to share it with others AND be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter! It’s informative and FREE.

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