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5 Steps to Help You Sleep Better

Everyone experiences bouts of insomnia now and again. It is when they continue and become a pattern or habit that problems begin to arise. Here are a number of simple and safe methods to help in these instances.

  1. Take a brief nap: about 20 minutes in the afternoon, preferably lying down in a darkened room around 3pm.
  2. Go outside and bask in the sunlight. This will not only improve your sleep pattern but aid the body with additional levels of Vitamin D.
  3. Be in dim light, even before you go to bed. Lower the lights will begin to reset the sleep patterns.
  4. If your mind is  on hyper mode when you get into bed, slow down your internal dialogue. Literally. G ooo  o ut    ooooffff yooour waaaay to speak more slowwwwlyy insidddde yourrr mmmind. In other words, “stretch” out the words and this simple method will go a long way to a long restful sleep.
  5. Supplements. Valerian and scullcap are excellent herbs for aiding in sleep. Taking minerals at night too will be helpful.

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