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Motivation in a Pill?

It is a fantasy of many. Take a pill and you are now filled with motivation to lose weight, run a marathon, write a book, clean the garage or a laundry list of other ventures. If only. . .

Well, brace yourself. Such may in fact, be the case.

Scientists have been looking into a supplement that might be the fire that lights your motivational fuse. In the medical journal PLoS One, Lutein was been shown to do just this.

Lutein has been known as the “eye sight” wellness supplement, but now other exciting benefits are being noted also. The substance, a naturally occurring plant compounds, boosts levels of AMPK which is known as the “marathon enzyme.” Studies show this enzyme is most active in highly motivated individuals. They loosely referred to as a “booster shot for your inner drive.”

Bear in mind, you still have to do the actual work, but now, this inexpensive substance (found in tomato skins) can help you along your path.

Doc’s Thoughts: It is one of my great missions in life to assist people in any way possible. That is why I write these. I truly desire that articles like this assist you in having a better life. A small substance like Lutein may just be the missing piece you need to write the book, start the class or the new business, run the marathon. Be the inspiration the world needs now!

As always, my best to you.

Dr. David Orman

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