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Do Vitamins and Prescription Meds Mix?

One of the most common questions I receive is how or when can supplements be mixed or not mixed with prescription medication. As the popularity of natural medicine continues to soar and the weaknesses of standard care are recognized, this is an issue that will raise more frequently. Here are some general guidelines and well as specifics:

General Guidelines

1. Take medications at a different time than supplements. Leave a minimum of 60 minutes in between ingestion.

2. Do not mix minerals, Activated Charcoal or cleansing agents (such as bentonite clay, Cholacol II etc.) with medications. They can absorb the medication and render them useless.

Specifics a. Mixing Creatine (a popular muscle building/strength building supplement) with NSAIDS (such as Advil or Motrin) OR Immunosuppressants such as Neoral can increase the risk of the negative side effects of these drugs. The major issue here is kidney damage or even kidney failure.

b. Mixing Ginseng (the most popular herbal of all-time) with diabetic medications such as insulin or oral diabetes such as Glucophage orMicronase. This can enhance the lowering of blood glucose levels, causing ahypoglycemic reaction and related symptoms from the jitters to a coma.

c. Mixing DHEA (sex hormone and metabolism improvement substance) with allergy medication such as Allegra OR depression meds such as Xanax OR high blood pressure meds such as Baycol. DHEA can slow the breakdown of the aforementioned meds and increase their potency.

d. Mixing Whey Protein with antibiotics such as tetracycline or Cipro. The whey can interfere with absorption, rendering it less effective.

Bottom line. . . . follow the General Guidelines and it will address most of the potential issues.

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