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These 3 Supplements Are Useful, But Not For What You Think

You may recognize the names of the products listed below. You may even know what they are used for. What is of interest is what ELSE they are used for. There are a number of little known health benefits of these popular products.

Green coffee extract

This is one of the latest, greatest of the fat loss supplements. To date, the effectiveness is questionable. On the flip side, there is growing evidence it does work . . . .for reducing blood pressure. The reason(s) is unknown but the evidence in support is growing.

Co-enzyme Q10

Co Q10 is billed as a heart supplement; that is, it is said to strengthen the cardiovascular system. To this effect, it is good, though others are better. The “off label” benefits are stronger. At the top of the list is its effectiveness for preventing gum disease. Also, for men it increases libido and overall health of their reproductive system. Finally, it is a great part of an anti-aging program, along with Doc Wellness Supplement


You know this one as a support to help build muscle. For this, it is effective. You probably do not know that creatine improved memory and cognitive functioning. It is similar to the reaction of the B complex vitamins. And one more to the mix. Creatine has been shown to be excellent for improving the skeletal system, particularly in older women.


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