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Gluten Intolerance a Myth?

Perfect timing. As part of Dr. Orman’s Wellness School, yesterday I posted a clip on the notion of self-labeling and the stories we tell ourselves, and the impact it has on our life.

A new study came out with the identical theme as it relates to Gluten Intolerance. According to, Gluten Intolerance is simply a myth. The conclusion? If you’re not celiac, you’re probably not gluten intolerant.

I think there is something to this. When people are not aware of gluten, it does not seem to affect the majority of people. It seems the more a person is exposed to articles and “research” about the subject, the more it affect them. I have seen this with other substances as well.

For many issues, syndromes and diseases, there is a huge psychological component. It is often outside of our awareness and unfortunately, the huge pharmaceutical companies and others are aware of this. Thirty years ago, the majority of commercials were about cars, toys for kids and home repair items like paint. Now, every third commercial is a drug. It is bound to have an effect on the psyche after a while.

The brilliant physician, Dr. Edward Bach once noted that “all disease comes from an imbalance in emotions.” This was in the 1920s. Nearly 100 years later, Dr. Bach may have had it right!


Dr. David Orman is the creator of the best selling HGH-releaser, Doc Wellness Supplement. He has lectured to Congress, taught at major universities and has treated thousands of people over his career.

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