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7 Ways Other Cultures Stay Thinner Than Americans

A question was posed in Dr. Orman’s Wellness School about why certain cultures do not struggle with weight issues (Ex/ French) while others have major issues with obesity (Ex/ American).

There are many factors involved in this weight loss question. In short, here are the reasons:

  1. The people who have no issue with weight eat smaller portions. You do not see gigantic portions and “all you can eat” restaurants.
  2. The people who have no issue with weight stick to 3 meals a day. Some, 2 per day. It is nonsense to recommend 5-6 small portions as this contributes to an overworked pancreas. In addition, those have ideal weight generally do not snack between meals.
  3. They consume a healthy, protein based breakfast.
  4. Avoid processed foods with artificial ingredients AND avoid GMOs.
  5. Here is a novel idea. Stop eating when you are no longer hungry. Retrain your mind to get in touch with your body.
  6. The #1 key  —  reduce sugar. The French for example,  eat less than half the amount of sugar compared to Americans.
  7. Consume foods in a slow manner. Divide your portions into 1/3s. Take a break between the 1/3. It matters not only what you eat, but the time it takes.

These are the major reasons. If you make the adjustments over time, you too can have the healthy weight you desire.

Dr. David Orman is the creator of the best selling HGH-releaser, Doc Wellness Supplement. He has lectured to Congress and taught at major universities and colleges in America and overseas.

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David is a Nutritional and Alternative Medicine Expert, Educator and Entrepreneur. As an Acupuncture Physician and Master Herbalist, he has created the best selling anti aging formula, Doc Wellness Supplement and the online school - Dr. Orman's Wellness School.

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