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The Unexpected Cause of Anxiety

A few months ago, I wrote an article entitled Is Sitting the New Smoking.” I received quite a number of follow-up questions and comments. It most certainly caught people’s attention.

Here is one that will also pique your interest.

People who spend too much time sitting down — working on the computer, watching television, talking to a friend or in the car — are at risk for increased experiences of anxiety and anxiety attacks. This new study was released last week showing this connection.

Scientists look at the results of about ten studies. They studied factors such as reported anxiety levels, activity levels, inactivity level and how much time they spent doing things such as watching television, playing games via the television, Internet surfing and other sedentary factors.

The results were clear. The more a person lived a sedentary life, the greater the anxiety levels. They did not present reasons, just drew the conclusion.

I would like to propose reasons for this:

1. With lack of activity comes lack of proper circulation. As such, toxins and chemicals have a tendency to build in our kidneys and lymphatic system. The emotion of fear and . . . not surprisingly. . .anxiety are associated with a weakened kidney.

2. When a person does not have anything to strive for, a “carrot” if you will, there is a tendency to build up emotional drama in their life. This drama is a story they tell themselves. A subconscious way of dealing with the incessant boredom. Anxiety is a common end product.

There are undoubted other reasons, but these are the 2 that I have noted the most when seeing patients over the years.

Our bodies are built to move. This is a fact. We cannot get away from this, and when we try, we get a “message” from our body letting us know how out of balance we are.

Move, sweat, train, play. Get the body feeling alive again! This will reduce if not completely eliminate anxiety (and depression) as well as anything else known.


Dr. David Orman is the creator of the best-selling, HGH-releaser, Doc Wellness Supplement. He is also of the popular, Dr. Orman’s Wellness School, THE place to learn about natural medicine,  weight loss, herbs and other ways of maximizing your health and wellness.

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