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Good News About Aging

Most people fear aging. More precisely, most people fear what may happen as we age. Not just our appearance, but what can happen to our organs, glands and overall system.

Fear not my friends, here is some good news!

Treat it right and your immune system will still be as strong as that of a much younger person. That is the conclusion of a large study from McMaster University in Canada.

The short and sweet of it was this: T-cells, which are a key component of the immune system (these are the cells that fight off viruses for example) will attack pathogens with the same vigor and effectiveness if you are in your 60’s or over, as they did when you were under 40 years of age.

In addition, it was previously thought that the number of t-cells would be significantly lower in those over 60, but in fact, such was not the case. Both the numbers of t-cells and the effectiveness of the t-cells were equal.

Keep the immune system strong by exercising, eating healthy, focusing on a strong lymphatic system and living with passion will empower your immunity.


Dr. David Orman is the developer of the best selling HGH-releaser, Doc Wellness Supplement along with Dr. Orman’s Wellness School. He has lectured to Congress, taught at major universities in American and overseas, was featured in The Washingtonian magazine and has treated thousands of patients over the years.

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David is a Nutritional and Alternative Medicine Expert, Educator and Entrepreneur. As an Acupuncture Physician and Master Herbalist, he has created the best selling anti aging formula, Doc Wellness Supplement and the online school - Dr. Orman's Wellness School.

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