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The Most Famous Herb Known: Part 1

Perhaps the most famous herb of all time is Ginseng. Its history of therapeutic use is some 2000+ years and has a multitude of physical and psychological benefits. On the physical side, Ginseng has been shown to:

1. Improve energy or “qi” of the body. For those individuals who feel constant fatigue or malaise, Ginseng may be the herb for them.

2. Strengthens the lungs. Athletes have benefited from the use of Ginseng for a long time as it improves endurance and lung capacity.

3. Tonifies the spleen and the stomach. We went into detail about the spleen in the last newsletter. Symptoms such as lack of appetite, abdominal distention, chronic gastric problems and even prolapses (stomach or uterus), Ginseng can be a great benefit.

4. Generates fluid and stops thirst. In cases of prolonged fever or again, athletics, consider this herb.

5. Ginseng is one of the most powerful herbs to strengthen the heart and the immune system.

On a psychological level, Ginseng has been known to:

a. Calm the spirit. Symptoms would include anxiety, restlessness, vague fears and constant worry.

b. Improves memory. A combination of Ginseng with Ginkgo or Gotu Kola is a powerful herbal memory enhancer.

c. Alleviates insomnia. The “spirit” is said to reside in the heart (according to Oriental Medicine). When the heart is strengthened, the spirit is strong, centered and calm. One’s thoughts are clear and centered, and creativity abounds.

d. Calms or facilitates dreams. If one is having dreamed- disturbed sleep, take 2-4 drops of Ginseng prior to bed. Have a problem and feel you are “stuck?” Do the same as Above – 2-3 drops. Soon as you awaken, write down the Information that you receive.

Part 2. Tomorrow. . . .

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