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Coffee Lovers Rejoice! More Good News

If you love your java, you will love this article.

More research continues to come forward about the benefits of the world’s most popular drink – coffee. This time, it relates to cognitive functioning; that is, it benefits the brain and how we think and process information.

The results are as following:

  • Research is clear that coffee consumption helps to improve alertness, concentration and the ability to focus for extended periods of time. In fact, there is a significant improvement in both quality and quantity; that is, recall is better and the length of time for activity such as studying, improved. All of this after ONE cup of coffee.
  • Mapping the brain indicated that caffeine in not an addictive substance. It should be noted that other studies (older studies) have drawn the opposite conclusion.
  • Coffee has been shown to reduce the symptoms associated with jet lag. (Melatonin is another substance that has been shown to help with jet lag symptoms.)
  • Athletic performance has been consistently shown to improve with the consumption of coffee, though dehydration is an issue to be aware of.

Overall, there are more benefits being noted with coffee. As this substance continues to be studied, undoubtedly more benefits will be noted.


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