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3 Keys with Sunscreen Use

The dog days of summer are upon us. If you live in Florida or the sun belt, they never seem to leave.

With the constant exposure to sun, there is a risk of damage to the skin. Sunscreen is one of the ways to prevent such issues, assuming it is used properly.

Here are 3 guidelines for sunscreen use:

  1. Be sure the sunscreen is one of “broad spectrum” protection. Essentially this translated to the blocking of both UVB and UVA rays. The most useful ingredient to do this is Zinc Oxide. that means it will block UVB rays and some UVA. SPECIAL NOTE: Avoid “micronized” or “nano” versions of this, as they are useless.
  2. Be sure your sunscreen is minimum SPF of 15. This blocks some 90% of UVB rays. The higher numbers won’t help that much. What they do is simply last longer, which is a good idea of course.
  3. Put the sunscreen on in ample amounts, 15  minutes before going outside. This will allow the absorption to occur and you will then be ready to go.

The most important suggestion is to be sensible about the length of time you are in the sun.

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