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3 Ways to Improve Memory Fast

Most people are on one side of the coin or the other; that is, they are fearful of losing their memory and want to take steps to prevent this. On the other end, some want to see how much they can “push” themselves, improve their memory and explore their inner world.

The great news is that regardless of your motivation, these three methods will address both.

1. Gotu Kola. This is an exceptional herb that has been shown to oxygenate the system and improve circulation to the brain. Unlike some others, it is not so stimulating (think “hyper” energy, like too much coffee). If fact, it is a gentle herb that aids in memory. Students will find this of great use.

2. Apples. Yes, it not only keeps the doctor away, but keeps the inflammatory at bay as well. The antioxidant quercetin protects the brain from inflammation, which over time can lead to cognitive decline

3. Exercise. Running—or biking or swimming or doing any other type of cardiovascular activity—for 20 to 30 minutes three times a week has been proven to help you remember things better. In addition, you will feel better, lose weight and look better. A triple win!

Over the years, I have taught “Learning How to Learn” courses at various colleges and found that the simple methods and simple substances are consistently the best. Though there are complex methods to help memorize huge volumes of information, one must first start with making sure the brain and the overall systems of the body are healthy enough to undertake such a task.

Start with the above. When you wish to pursue more ways of learning, join Dr. Orman’s Wellness School. Here you will find specific memory (and overall health) improving methods.

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David is a Nutritional and Alternative Medicine Expert, Educator and Entrepreneur. As an Acupuncture Physician and Master Herbalist, he has created the best selling anti aging formula, Doc Wellness Supplement and the online school - Dr. Orman's Wellness School.

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