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How to Deal with Repressed Anger

Natural Medicine has a unique way of describing issues. They are often poetic, offering flowery language. Nevertheless, do not let the language fool you. The message behind the words is very, very powerful.

Grief is one of the emotions that has become widespread. In the West, we ignore the notion of death and other topics associated with grief. It is too painful. Too upsetting. As such, when it happens, many are ill prepared and do not know what to do or how to handle it. Instead of dealing with it head on, many people suppress it.

In Natural Medicine, this is known as “Metal piercing Wood.” The Metal element represents the Lungs. Grief weakens the lungs. When a person does not deal with grief and instead, buries it, it goes on to negatively affect the Wood element, specifically the liver.

Let me give you an example.

A person’s spouse unexpectedly passes away. This understandably is a most traumatic experience and one that is difficult to cope with. Grief negatively affects the lungs and weakens them.

The person does not have the skills to deal with this loss. They suppress it. They try to act as if “life is the same” by maintaining the same routine. Perhaps they “use” another as a substitute of sorts.

Over time, tension and internal heat begin to build. This affects the liver. As a result, a person does a balancing act between depression and anger. They wallow with grief and lash out against others – their children, neighbors, friends etc. They may even engage in unusual, somewhat bizarre, potentially violent behavior.

Psychologists call this “disassociation.” It is as if they try to “shut off” their emotions so as not to feel the deep pain. As mentioned, one minute they are in a fog, paying attention only to their internal dialog and the next minute they are cursing at the mailman or the dog that ran across the yard.  For them, this is “normal.” In everyone else’s eyes, it is a cry for help.

What Can Be Done

Counseling in this instance is highly recommended. The problem is that the person is typically VERY resistant. As such using this protocol is a way of bridging the gap between the depression/anger/irrational behavior and the need for counseling.

1. Bach Remedy called Water Violet. This is specifically indicated for those having a tough time processing grief. On one level, they are not even aware of the issue(s) (due to the disassociation).  Water Violet helps to bring them back into their body so to speak, and ease their way into dealing with grief.

2. The herb Hawthorne Berry helps to soothe the emotional heart and ease some of the pain associated with loss. It is a gentle herb and slower acting, and helps take some of the heat from the liver.

3. Bupleurum. This is a strong herb which will help move the energy of the liver. NOTE: Unlike the prior 2, this is a strong herb that often results in highly emotive outbursts (think crying, and lots of it). It should NOT be taken without the first 2.

Although common, dealing with grief is a most difficult situation. Most are ill equipped to handle it, resulting in the above scenarios. Take advantage of the skill counselors who are willing and can teach you the coping skills to help.

I used the above as it relates to the loss of an individual, but this also applies to the loss of a pet, a home, a job, a relationship, even the loss of an era( “I remember the good ole days. . . . “).

When we learn to deal with Grief, our lives, our relationships and our communities will greatly improve.


Dr. David Orman is the developer of the powerful formula, Doc Wellness HGH Supplement. He also created “Dr. Orman’s Wellness School” to teach health, nutrition and natural health principles in an easy to use and apply, fashion.

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David is a Nutritional and Alternative Medicine Expert, Educator and Entrepreneur. As an Acupuncture Physician and Master Herbalist, he has created the best selling anti aging formula, Doc Wellness Supplement and the online school – Dr. Orman’s Wellness School.

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