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3 Powerful Methods to Help With Dental Care

Going to the dentist. One of life’s more unpleasant tasks, isn’t. It can be anxiety provoking and downright painful.

What if it need not be. What if there were substances and actions that can be done to prevent problems. Fortunately, there are quite a number of them.

1. To prevent cavities, take Vitamin K2. Interesting case study. A group of very kind dentists (called Dentists without Borders) volunteered their time to go to poor regions of the world. Dental care was virtually non-existent. As such, it was not uncommon for people (especially young kids) to have 20-25 cavities. Unprepared for this, the dentists gave them Vitamin K2 and went back to get more equipment and materials needed. Upon their return, much to their surprise, many of the cavities were remineralized.

2. The herb Myrrh and the substance CoQ10 are an excellent combination for healing the gums and preventing gum disease. Myrrh is known for healing tissue and CoQ10 is excellent for boosting the immune system, aiding the cardiovascular system (heart) and of course, healing the gums.

3. Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil. Get pure coconut oil from the supermarket. It is not expensive. Take about an ounce and swish in your mouth, especially between the teeth as if you were “pulling” it. Do this for about 5-10 minutes.

This old method will help prevent cavities by reducing the amount of tartar buildup.

These are 3 easy to do, simple yet powerful methods for preventing dental issues.

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