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Only Known Treatment for Regret

Natural Medicine has a treatment for virtually every emotion a human can experience. Ex/ For worry, one should treat the spleen. For the anger, the treatment would focus on the liver and would include something as simple as cleaning your room. For grief, lungs are the focus and foods such as asparagus would come to the forefront. Kidneys and fear go hand in hand and an herb such as Fo-Ti would  be used. For regret, it is. . . uhh. for regret, the focus is on. . . . well. . .maybe it would be. . .

For regret, there is really no treatment. Only prevention.

Like everything else, Regret has pronounced language patterns known to all. There are 2 “stars” of the show, so to speak:

  1. I could have. . . .
  2. I should have. . . .

What follows after this is an endless parade of possibilities, ones that will unfortunately, remain in the ether versus being materialized. The effect this has on the system is pronounced. The “monkey mind” kicks in with stories and rationalizations about the given topic. This weakens the spleen. Often anger is experienced due after a dozen sentences of “I really, really should have.  ” followed by “Then it would have turned out differently. . . .” This poisons the liver.

Sadness comes to visit right around now and the lungs are then stripped of vital energy. This is most regrettable as the lungs are a vital component to the immune system. How often do you note a correlation between sadness followed by a cold or allergies.

So there is no treatment. What do I then do? The question actually provides the answer.

The only known antidote for regret is doing. Take action. Create movement for in this process of doing, the path eventually becomes clear. The individual who waits for the ideal time, the perfect sign etc., is the one who never does.

They just regret.

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