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5 Tasty Foods To Help Reduce Jet Lag

Jet lag can take days from you. It can ruin vacations and business trips. But such need not be the case. Here are 5 foods that can dramatically help your body clear the feeling of jet lag.

Quinoa.   fThis tasty substance is filled with a complete range of amino acids which will help with overall energy levels. It also reduces hunger as a “side benefit.”

Turmeric. It increases the amino acid glutathione which is ideal for detoxifying the system. It will also elevate the immune system which certainly comes in handy, post germ-filled plane flight.

Sweet potatoes.  This staple at Thanksgiving can be eaten for both taste and vitamin A. It helps with vision, reducing the dryness from the re-cycled air and helps to adjust to the daylight changes.

Chicken. Organic Chicken’s vitamin B5 supports your memory and concentration and overall brain function.

Cantaloupe.   Aside from reducing hydration (which is a major issue), cantaloupe contains beta-carotine which again, elevated the immune system and also combats the damage done via the sun.

Jet Lag.

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