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Empty Heart Choices

I have and probably always will be a fan of Disney. However, over the past few years, I have noticed a major shift and one that has not been favorable at that.

Disney has been a heart-driven organization. It began with the special vision that Walt had and carried for many years beyond his passing. He dreamt and was able to transform his dreams into the physical realm. He saw with his heart as much as his eyes and this approach resonated with the world. How could it not when it comes from this level of creativity and purity?!

Such is the case with any great artist or healer, writer or athlete. They produce from their soul and never play the comparison game. They are operating with a passion and a vision that is focused and inspired.

Fast forward to today. There are plans for parking garages, Avatar World, Star Wars something and a host of others. The cost must be enormous. The work must be beyond enormous. The problem is these ideas are very un-Disney. Avatar is dated. Star Wars has already been done. These plans are mind drive and do not come from the heart. They seem to come from the competition from places like Universal Studios and Busch Gardens. They lack the Disney originality.

On a scale of 1 to 10, historical Disney could not be found on this chart. Now, they have lowered themselves, become part of the chart and via myopic vision, thrust themselves into competition with parks such as the 2 mentioned. They went from pioneer to “still better than the rest, but. .  .

This is the problem when a dream meets a corporation or when a vision transforms into accounting figures. The indescribable images of Walt’s imagination have been replaced by selling out to what brings in the most cash.

The irony of ironies here is that when you come from the heart, the money will flow in an equal, if not greater amounts. 

The magic is still there. Only now, you know how it’s done.

Not quite the same.


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