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Decision Making, Taking Risks and Keeping the Gallbladder Healthy

It is an annual event for me. Actually, more like 2 annual events  — running the Disney Marathon and deciding if I will run the Disney Marathon. More often than not, the latter is the bigger challenge!

It sounds like this:

I love this race. I cannot wait to run it.

I hate this race. The prices are out of touch.

I love this race. I get so much value from it.

I hate this race. There is so much difficult training involved.

At the end of the day, the “pros” far outweight the “cons.” Aside from adding needless drama to my life, the internal debate actually has a healthy benefit to it. Making decisions, regardless of the degree of difficulty, strengthens the Gallbladder directly and the Liver, indirectly.

The Gallbladder is responsible for the breakdown of fats that enter the system. On the non-physical level, it is the organ responsible for decision making and adding “spark” and adventure to our lives.

Most people are in a rut. They call it a routine but it is really an “emotional pothole” of sorts. You want to know what they will do this week? Look what they did last week. Or last month. Or last year. Sameness abounds.

A weakened Gallbladder is the “control freak” so to speak. It wants to control everything and many times, every one. This need to control is one reason for the sameness in daily routine.

Part of this is fear. Part of this is a weakened Gallbladder.

When you make decision, take chances or get out of the rut, it is a way of improving the functioning of this organ. When the Gallbladder gets stronger, it will help the Liver get stronger also.

Conversely, when we get stuck in ruts, excess heat is created. This will damage both organs and result in seemingly endless levels of anger, frustration and depression (particularly the former). They are anger at their spounce, their family, their neighbor, the world, the squirrel who runs up the tree etc. It is not the angry “at_____” that matters. It is the fact that they are simply angry due to an overheated liver.

If left untreated, the Gallbladder can be seriously damaged to the point of needing to be removed. The Liver then assumes a great deal of the responsibility which, of course, it can do. In this case, more attention is required to keep the Liver and the whole system healthy.

Here are some specific suggestions for helping these valuable organs.

Firstly, 5 foods to avoid:

  • Gluten and grains in general such as wheat, barley, rye, spelt, kamut, etc.
  • Corn
  • Margarine
  • Oranges, grapefruit
  • Nuts
Foods to focus on:
  • Beets
  • Cucumbers
  • Green beans
  • Okra
  • Sweet potatoes (not yams)
Also start making decision, break up your routine and take some chances.
Life is meant to be experienced. It is a participation game, not a passive one.

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