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Natural Ways to Deal With Menopause

Until recently, when a female entered menopause her healthcare provider’s sole choice was HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). HRT would ease hot flashes, insomnia and other distressing symptoms and the drugs were believed to offer major, long-term health benefits. However, in the last 2 years, researchers revealed the dramatic and unexpected results that HRTdoes not prevent cardiovascular disease(s). In fact, it can CAUSE them. In addition, other risks increased, particularly breast cancer.

Many of the 20 million women taking HRT became aware of this information and began looking for alternatives. . . and found them. The one that is considered one of the best is black cohosh.

What other substances can be used effectively for symptoms of menopause? Here are 6 of them – ginseng, green tea, valerian, theanine, hops and Ovex-P.

How does black cohosh work? Research has shown that this substances suppresses secretion of a substance called luteinizing hormone (LH). One of the major functions of estrogen is to suppress the effects of LH. Menopause results in high levels of LH in the blood, resulting in the uncomfortable symptoms such as heart palpitations, night sweats. dryness, hot flashes etc. Black Cohosh works to suppress LH activity. Studies from all over the globe cite effectiveness of 80% on average.

What about safety, particulary with cancers?

Black cohosh is an extremely safe herb and can be used with women who have a history of breast, uterine or ovarian cancer. (Please note that it is NOT a treatment for such conditions.) Menopause may be a part of the normal life progression. The transition need not be so un- comfortable. Black cohosh can be a great assist.

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