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5 Strong Ways to Boost Your Metabolism and Burn Fat

Particularly with the holidays rapidly approaching, many people are looking to burn fat and keep healthy. Below are the 5 simple but powerful ways of achieving your goal.

  1. Protein should be the focus. There is a mountain of evidence noting a connection between protein intake and a healthy weight. Yes, healthy carbohydrates are a must but the main focus of any meal should be proteins.
  2. Use spices. Capsaicin, black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric and ginger all boost the production of heat allowing the body to burn more calories and reduce weight.
  3. Drink green tea. Consuming 2-3 cups of green tea on a regular basis has been shown to elevate the metabolism, resulting in more fat burned.
  4. Get hungry. 5-6 meals/day has been promoted as a means to elevate metabolism. This is false. Research has shown that it not only is is inaccurate, that multiple meal consumption can lead to damaging of the pancreas and diabetes. To increase fat metabolism, allow yourself to be slightly hungry now and then. 2-3 meals per day, minus the snacks is the ideal for most.
  5. Exercise. Sorry. There is no way around this one. We are designed to move our bodies and when this does not happen, illness, disease and obesity is the end result. Run. . . .fast. . . often. Lift things that are heavy over your head. Mostly, do something that excites you and draws you back, time and again. It can be that simple.

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David is a Nutritional and Alternative Medicine Expert, Educator and Entrepreneur. As an Acupuncture Physician and Master Herbalist, he has created the best selling anti aging formula, Doc Wellness Supplement and the online school – Dr. Orman’s Wellness School.

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