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3 Christmas Drinks to Avoid

This is the week. Christmas is just a few days away and the celebrations have begun.

This season is filled with joy, fun and happiness for many people. For others, it is a source of weight gain and health issues. Of course, it need not be with some simple adjustments. Here are 3 relating to what you drink:

  1. Christmas cocktails. Be it egg nog anything or Santa Cinnamon drink, sugary drinks pack a double dose of calories due to alcohol and sugar. Some go as high as 900 calories in one single drink.
  2. Red Bull and other “Energy Drinks.” These drinks are also loaded with sugar plus the added bonus of a ton of caffeine. They will deplete the adrenals quicker than virtually anything, causing addition stress and strain on the heart.
  3. Soda. It is the #2 cause of obesity among youth. (Lack of exercise is #1.) It is again, loaded with ridiculous amounts of sugar and creates many problems for dental hygiene.

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