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How to Correct Prostate Issues

It is estimated that some 70% of males do or will experience some form of prostate problems in their life time. Enlargement of the prostate, which occurs as men age, is accompanied by reduced urinary flow and increased residual urine volume.

Hormanal imbalances have been identified as the major causes of the benign proliferation of prostate cells and urinary impairment. Herbs such as saw palmetto and pygium have been highly successful in reducing problems such as prostate enlargement. Now there is a new herbal extract which has been shown to reduce the symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy (enlargement) by 86% after 3 months of use. This formula called Urtica dioica extract has been used in Germany for over 5 decades.

One particular study showed that after 8 weeks of treatment with 4 capsules of urtica, patients experienced improvement of disorders associated with prostate enlargement ranging from 82 to 100%. Another study showed that those patients suffering from BPH with stage I to III hyperplasia (abnormal multiplication of normal cells which can lead to prostate cancer, experienced improvement by some 86% after 3 months of therapy using this herbal extract. The mechanism seems to be the inhibition and binding of testosterone related proteins to its receptor site on prostate cell membranes. Prostate cells grow out of control when the hormone DHT binds to prostate cell membranes, inducing the prostate cells to start to divide. If the receptors are blocked, the DHT cannot lock on the the cell itself. This “blocking” is the reason for the success of this herb.

For prostate problems, consider the use of this herb, along with the 2 aforementioned. Look for standard extracts.

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