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What Are Tissue Salts and How They Can Improve Your Health

Most people are familiar with homeopathic medicine. It is a branch of natural medicine that is over 200 years old and is based on the principle of like treats like. For example, if one is allergic to bee stings, tiny amounts of bee venum specially prepared is used as a treatment. There is one branch of homeopathy that is rarely talked about yet is exceptionally beneficial. This section is called Tissue Salts and it is the topic of this week’s newsletter.

According to the Biochemic Theory of Dr. W. H. Schuessler there are a dozen mineral compounds (or salts) which are required in minute amounts by specific cells in various parts of the body. They are known as Cell salts, and most of them are compounds of minerals which, in other forms, are used by the body in much larger amounts every day.

For example, the body needs a great deal of iron to keep going, but it needs only a minute amount of Iron Phosphate. They need only a tiny amount but no other iron will do. Should the body not receive this type of iron, certain anemias, cramping and circulatory problems can arise.

There are a total of 12 Tissue Salts that are used. Here is a brief description of each:

– Calc Phos. Used for debility in digestion and for types of anemia. –

Calc Sulph. This is a constituent of the blood and skin. Used for ulcers and abscesses.

– Calc Flur. Very valuable for diseases of the bones and enamel of the teeth.

– Ferr Phos. used for any type of inflammation and high fevers. Excellent remedy for throbbing headaches.

– Kali Mur. Bronchitis and other diseases of the lungs will benefit from this remedy.

– Kali Phos. Heals nerve tissue. Also used for excessive worry, nervousness, exhaustion and depression.

– Kali Sulph. Carries oxygen to the skin and glands. Helps with circulation.

– Mag Phos. Great remedy for any sharp pain or cramps.

– Nat Mur. This is the distributor of water throughout the body. Useful for colds and flu.

– Nat Phos. Breaks up lactic acid. Used for gout and gouty arthritis.

– Nat Sulph. Kidney problems, bladder

I have used the 12 Tissue Salts regularly and found them to be excellent. They can be found in all health stores and cost around $7/ea.

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