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Newest Superfood?

You avoided it when swimming but now you should really consume it.

The “it” is seaweed – the slimy, slithery substance that makes you cringe and laugh when you go swimming in the ocean has now been shown to be one of the healthiest substances on this beautiful planet.

This aquatic vegetable is filled with Vitamin C and iodine. Iodine is considered the food for the thyroid so indirectly, seaweed is one of the best substances for fat loss. (There are other reasons for this as well.)

In addition, seaweed is high in potassium, iron, calcium, copper and zinc. Thus the end result is a higher immune system, more energy, better quality of blood and improved memory.

How do we consume it and what does it taste like? Go to any sushi restaurant and order a seaweed salad. Companies now are also producing seaweed snacks. Supermarkets are also starting to carry foods which contain it.

Like salty flavor? You will enjoy seaweed then. It is a light, slightly chewy substance with a distinct salty flavor. The taste is delicious, particularly when you add various seeds into the mix.

For those of us in the sunbelt area where the temperatures and humidity are high, this is an excellent substance to combat the heat and effects of dehydration. It contains 2000mg of sodium per meal.

A year from now, seaweed will be touted as the latest, greatest superfood. You read it here first!


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