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Benefits of Unplugging for a Weekend

woman-570883_640This weekend, my wife and I decided to unplug from the world and be as present as possible. The end result was a cross between Christmas and trying to understand Quantum Physics. Allow me to explain.

When you open your heart and do your very best to live in the moment, gifts are continually bestowed upon you. At least this was my experience. I began to truly appreciate at a deep level, many of the things I took for granted. A beautiful sand hill crane, a curious rabbit, a perfectly formed hibiscus flower were a few samples from the outside world.

Great health, fantastic relationship and the skill to be open to new experiences were samplings from the inner world.

This was the “Christmas” portion.

When you are still and quiet, life’s major questions have a habit of popping up. “Why are we here?” “What is the purpose?” This is where the Quantum Physics portion jumped up like one of the frogs in our nearby canal. It was puzzling. Even frustrating. How could I not know after more than 5 decades on this planet?! How could I know have figured it out despite asking and seeking the answer to this question for the same time period?!! (Yes, that deserved a double exclamation point.)

Like many things, the answers come when you are relaxed and simply happy in the moment, doing whatever it is you are doing. In my case, it was the humorous afterglow of a failed attempt at flying a kite. Fortunately, no one taped this experience, nor were any creatures harmed during this mis-adventure.

It was funny. It w as lighthearted. It was something I had not done in a very, very, very, very long time. Yet, it the process of childlike play, I realized that THAT was in fact, the answer.

Be happy.

Find happiness.

More precisely, you already have a river of happiness flowing inside of you. Inside of each of us. When we clear the obstacles of worry, fear, anger, guilt, co-dependency, frustrations etc., way, it is there moving through each of our cells.

Maybe the answer truly is that simple. Even if it is not, doesn’t it feel great to experience the flow of happiness in your life!!!



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