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How to Protect Your Heart and Burn Fat in Minutes

heart-157895_640We love our heart. We love the fact that love “originates” from our heart. The stronger our heart is, the better our health is. In fact, the stronger our heart is, the better our life is.

There are so many different ways to strength this wonderfully powerful organ/muscle. (I have already covered many specifics in Dr. Orman’s Wellness School. CLICK HERE for more information.) Some you know. Some, some of you may know. A large percentage will be brand new to you.

Here is one you know, but with a twist of sorts.

Exercise, of course, is needed for the heart, much like oxygen is “needed” by the lungs. The biggest obstacle to regular exercise, according to recent studies is the lack of time. We have too much to do and too little time to do it.

Sounds good, even if it is not true for everyone. “I would but I am too. . . make that toooooooo. . . . busy right now.” How many times have your heard that one? Enter HIIT or High intensity interval training.

HIIT training was invented by a Japanese doctor named Tabata. It could just as easily been invented by anyone who has ever been chased by a pit bull. In short, run, cycle, do push up etc., with maximum effort for a brief period of time such as 20 seconds. Then recover for 10 seconds and rinse, wash and repeat. A 20 second on/10 seconds off cycle is typically repeated for 10-20 times. Grand total of time spent? Typically 4-10 minutes (and usually on the smaller side), 2-3 times per week.

The results are generally excellent. Fat loss, particularly stubborn fat loss is quite common. Immunity is increased due to improvement in the lymphatic system. And of course, the star of the show — the heart and cardiovascular system – is dramatically improved.

According to recent studies, HIIT causes positive changes in the heart blood vessels that protect the heart during heart attacks. It also increases the ability of the vessels to secrete nitric oxide which is the chemical that regular blood flow. In addition, HIIT improves the ability of the coronary arteries to deliver blood due to the muscles in times of stress.

In short, doing short bursts a couple of times per week pays big dividends!


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