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This Prevents Muscle Loss During Bed Rest

[fusion_text]You hit the gym very hard. You went for a tough run or bike ride and now you need to rest a bit and move forward with the day.

Too much bed rest however, is very detrimental to your training and your physique in general. This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Dr. Richard Asher who said, “Teach us to live that we may dream unnecessary time in bed. Get people up and we may save our patients from an early grave.” Bed rest studies by NASA showed that as short as 20 days of complete “rest,” caused a 25% decrease in aerobic capacity, 13% decrease in muscle mass and 35% decrease in strength. Weight gain was also the end result.

Aside from regular exercise, how do you prevent this from happening? What if a person gets ill or injured and simply cannot move for 3 weeks or so? Then what?

Fortunately, there is a solution. Medical researchers from the U of Texas found that supplementation with Leucine helps to slow down the breakdown. 1-2g with each meal prevented a portion of the negative effects of lack of movement.

If an emergency ever happens, use this as a stopgap.[/fusion_text]

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