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Can THIS Interfere with Training Progress?

It is a mouthful. The term is called Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and they are highly reactive chemicals that the body produces naturally during metabolism by the cell mitochondria. In other words, they are substances released when the powerhouse of the cell kicks into gear.

The end result is the “next day soreness” or delayed onset muscle soreness. You also experience fatigue, cell damage (temporary) and overall stiffness that comes when you train. It is annoying but it is normal.

A lot of people take antioxidants to help alleviate these symptoms and aid in recovery. It ends up suppressing the ROS and this is a huge mistake!

Interesting research from Switzerland concluded that antioxidant supplements interfere with the positive adaptations to exercise; that is, they interfere with blood vessel formation, insulin sensitivity, cell defenses, muscle growth and cell membrane adaptions. In short, they do more harm than good.

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