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5 Major Fat Loss Facts

diet-398611_6401. High-Intensity Training and Traditional Training produce similar results.

Sorry to break the news to some of you but researchers found that particularly for women, high-intensity training (on for 10-30 seconds, recover for 10-20 seconds and repeat for about 4 minutes) and traditional training (weights or running/aerobics) produces similar results. 90% in fact. Bottom line is that people benefit from virtually any type of exercise that is done with mindfulness.

2. These are the major reason for weight gain: (a) low metabolism due to low muscle mass, (b) poor fitness levels which reduces the amount of calories expended during the day, (c) low testosterone, human growth hormone or other hormonal imbalance, (d) insensitivity to the hormone leptin which controls appetite and (e) excessive sugar consumption.

3. Imbalance in gut microbes. There are more than 100 trillion microbes in the gut and when imbalances occur, obesity (and poor immunity) are the end results.

4. Best way to lose fat. Researchers from the University of Kansas did an exhaustive review and found that the best way to start knocking off those pounds are calorie restriction, improved diet and exercise. . . .in this order.

5. Amount of exercise that was found to be ideal? Brace yourself again. It is a handful.

90 minutes per day. Yes, 1.5 hours of exercise daily was found to be the idea for fat loss.

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