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How Carbs Affects Your Mood

It has been proven that there is a deep connection between consuming cookies, cakes, soda, white bread and other simple carbohydrates and the increase in inflammation throughout your system. In short, it negatively impacts your overall health if these foods are consumed on a regular basis. Inflammation that is found throughout the whole body also correlated with virtually every disease, either as a causative agent or a contributor.

To throw more gas on the fire, scientists at Columbia University Medical Center  stated that a diet high in the aforementioned  food increase the risk for depression, particularly  in post-menopausal women. 70,000 people participated in this study and results were consistent across the board.

The short and sweet of it: The higher the sugars and refined grains the participants ate, the higher the levels of depression.

On the flip side: The study also  found a lower risk of depression who consumed whole grains, vegetables and non-juice fruits.

Doc’s Take: If you look at food as medicine and begin to train yourself to think this way, you can make a dramatic impact on your health in a short period of time. Emotions play a huge impact on our chemistry and when we add food into the mix, emotions alter how our body processed it. For example, take a health food such as an apple. If we eat this when depressed or angry, it no longer is viewed by the body as “healthy.” Yes. . THAT is the type of impact emotions have.

People often use chocolate or ice cream as “anti-depressants” which created many problems. They are designed to be consumed in a celebratory fashion; that is, when you are happy, have a piece of cake if you wish!

Adjusting your emotions prior to eating is one of the best things you can do to improve your diet, weight and overall health.

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