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Does Fruit Make You Fat?

A patient recently asked if fruit is the cause of her weight issues because she read an article on a website.

The list of bad nutritional information via the Internet is rather extensive. This one is a personal favorite.

Yes, there is truth to the notion that consuming any food in excess will contribute to excessive weight, particularly when the food is high in fructose. It goes without saying that an apple is far less problematic compared to a bag of cookies.

According to a recent study from Harvard University, you can link each daily serving of fruit with a half pound fat reduction over a 4-year block. Blueberries, prunes, apples and pears contribute to the most fat loss, burning some 1.3 pounds.

Granted just doing this will help, but if you really wish to get healthy AND fit, you need to add an exercise plan, overall healthy eating plan, nutritional protocol featuring Doc Wellness Supplement and stress management plan.

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