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How This One Food Can Jump Start Your Metabolism for 14 Hours

Bread is a controversial topic, at least in the world of nutrition. Some feel that the grains that are used to produce bread have nutritional value. Others completely disagree. (Just ask Paleo supporters!) Weight loss experts recommend avoiding it. Endurance athletes eat it by the ton.

Few would disagree about the tastiness of it, but is bread overall, a healthy substance? Or not?

A new study sheds some interesting light on the subject. Research published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that people eating barley-kernel bread with breakfast and lunch had higher metabolism for up to 14 hours, as well as better appetite control.

The reason for the above is that barley has a favorable effect on gut hormones, one that simultaneously accelerates fat burning and reduces inflammation that causes bloating.

In the big picture, this would have a favorable effect on reducing the rate of inflammation, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

Bottom line, if time is right and volume is modest, bread can be a healthy substance.

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