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How to Deal with Grief and Loss

Last week, one of my friend and students passed away at the age of only 47. It was both shocking and heartbreaking.

Moments like this are very difficult to deal with obviously. As a society, we are ill prepared for these moments even though we know it is inevitable for all.

Most people handle such grief stricken situations 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Return to habits. They get an initial surge of “wanting my life to be better.” You will hear phrases such as “I am doing to do this” or “I am going to go here” only to have the person back in their routine (rut) in a matter of a couple of weeks. The fear of change becomes too great. This causes the spleen to weaken and obesity becomes a problem.
  2. Repression. This is the most common. The individual takes all or most of the internal reactions – grief, loss, anger, confusion etc.,  and essentially stuffs them down, so to speak. This causes the liver to overheat which in turn, causes the individual to fluctuate between depression and outbursts of anger.
  3. Change. There are some individuals that accept what has happened and take the emotional reaction and turn it outward. They go back to school. They run a marathon or learn a musical instrument. Their pain is strong as one would imagine but instead of denying it or repressing it, they express it. This strengthens the heart and the Spirit. The courage that is exercised also strengthens the kidney energy.

How can the person who is experiencing the first or second scenarios, begin to heal and move forward?

  1. For the first situation, the herb Atractylodes will go a long way. This herb will help heal and strengthen the spleen which will provide the energy to assist a person to get out of their rut. Movement of any sort will also get the stuck energy flowing. Thus, exercise is imperative in such situations.
  2. Repression can be greatly alleviated by the use of the homeopathic remedy, Ignatia. It is specific for grief and loss, and helps the person express their sorrow in a healthy and much-needed fashion. Repressed emotions (energy) will inevitably lead to major illness or injury. I have seen it so often with patients and would not disagree it one said that repressed emotions are the major cause of disease, illness or injury.

I will miss my friend Neal. He was a wonderful person and a great contributor to my school. I hope this difficult situation encourages others to move forward and deal with their grief. It is difficult, particularly in the beginning. Nevertheless, there are healthy means and skilled people who can help in any situation.

Take advantage of us. We are happy to help.

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