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Walt Whitman’s View of Health

You know him as one of the great American poets who lived nearly 200 years ago. What you may not have know is that Walt Whitman wrote a health manifesto under a pseudonym. He was most certainly ahead of this time.

The themes were as follows:

  1. Up Early. For people who have sedentary work, train in the early morning. “Habituate yourself to a brisk walk in the fresh air.”
  2. Weight Training. Walt recommended devoting 2 hours a day to “swinging the dumbells.” A tiny person can transform themselves into a new being. . . . were his words of wisdom.
  3. Protein. Walt recommended that if you are overweight or want to “remove noxious blood deposits, make sure only one of your meals is big. And let this be meat.” He was Atkins before Atkins.
  4. Smile. “Dedicate yourself to a cheerful temper.”

Despite this being nearly 200 years old, you will note the different wording AND the same message as today. Nothing changes in this regards because these types of messages withstand the test of time.

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